Taking action is the only way to achieve goals

by Business Article on May 16, 2007

One of the items we talked about in my copywriting
business-building teleseminar this week was taking action.
You can think about great ideas, have big, elaborate
dreams, but if you don’t take action — now — nothing in
your life will change. Your dream will never become a
reality. Taking action is the only way you are going to get
your business off the ground. Taking action is the only way
you are going to get new clients. Taking action is the only
way you are going to get noticed at your company and get

Think about what you want and how you are going to get
it…all of the time.

It doesn’t matter if your goals are personal or
professional, setting your mind to the one main goal you
want to accomplish will keep you focused on the outcome.
You will constantly be on the lookout for ways to achieve
that goal. Because it is always on your mind, you will be
constantly brainstorming. Your mind will continually be
looking for ways to take action on that goal.

You become what you think about. Focus on one item, your
one goal. Make it extremely positive, NOT negative.

The next important thing, after thinking about your goal
all of the time, is to take action. I try to do at least
one action item a day. With three kids (four if you count
my husband), a house to run and a growing business, it’s
easy for the day-to-day duties to suck up my time. It’s
easy for me to let life take over and not take proactive
steps towards my goal.

So I decided long ago to do at least one item on my list
each day. It can be a small item to move me toward my goal.
It may be searching for a new journal to run some of my
marketing articles. It could be working on a new product to
sell, coming up with a topic for a new seminar. Some days I
do much more than one thing, other days I barely squeak the
one item in. But I can assure you, if you do at least one
item, if you take one action every day, you will be closer
to your goal than most people you know. And because you
take action towards your goal you are much more likely to
reach it than those who don’t.

Author of Healthcare Copywriting Secrets Revealed, Kelly
Robbins is an award winning copywriter and marketing
coach/consultant. She also publishes The Healthcare
Marketing Connection
(http://www.healthcaremarketingconnection.com), a free
e-zine on healthcare marketing tips. Contact Kelly to
receive her free report, “5 critical things you must know
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